The story is not over with successful trademark registration. The only way to claim rights based on a trademark is to actively use it and prove the use. Furthermore, your trademark protection maybe revoked due to lack of use.

Have you heard that significant profits can be made by licensing a well-built brand?

What to do if the name or logo of the company or the packaging of the products changes?

Do you know how, when, in what language, for how much, and where to file a request for renewal to maintain yournational, EU, and international trademark rights? Shall you maintain your trademark protection for all goods and services, or is it more cost-effective and reasonable to apply for a partial renew?

Upon licenseor distributor agreements, do you know who coordinates and bears the costs of trademark renewal, costs of infringement, and counterfeiting?

Whatever happens to your national, EU, or international trademarks, our team of experts will help you find the best solution upon:

  • creating and managing trademark and design portfolios, registering changes (address, company name, domain, etc.);
  • developing a trademark renewal strategy and managing renewals;
  • drafting and advising on transfer, license, and distribution

If your registered trademarks are infringed, or your products are counterfeited, please click on Brand protection/Enforcement menu point for more information.