Perhaps one of the most critical and topical issues today is climate change. According to the European Environment Agency report, air pollution is currently the number one environmental risk to human health. The WHO estimates that more than seven million people die each year from indoor and outdoor air pollution. Increasing indoor green space and woodland has a local, low-cost, and large-scale effect on climate change and has many positive effects, such as mitigating municipal heat waves, reducing stress, and purifying the air.

Our colleagues all consider environmental protection essential, so in 2020 we launched an environmental protection program. We donate pre-grown woodchips to public institutions (kindergartens, schools, and hospitals), thus contributing to creating a more livable urban environment.

In addition to the donation, our colleagues are personally involved in planting the trees, which also serves as a team-building program to build a relationship of trust and good relations between our team, which promotes a good atmosphere and thus the successful operation of the Office.


Tree planting in Csodasziget kindergarten’s garden