What is readily be sold and popular is usually “copied”, too. Like it or not, the widespread of online sales and technical advances result in the appearance of fake (counterfeit) productsin the marketwithin 1 or 2 weeks, often before the genuine goods are marketed themselves.

Any business can secure its interest by proper planning and registering rights, and with sufficient foresight, it can “survive” the torrent of counterfeit goods.

A well-conceived strategy helps to deal with these issues, and in the event of a dispute, infringement, abuse, or counterfeiting,it helps to settle and handle them rapidly and efficiently.

Our office, in close cooperation with Vis Probandi brand protection group, has 20 years of experience in the field of intellectual property law in the following areas:

  • brand protection strategic consultancy;
  • in the event of an infringement of your intellectual property rights, instituting civil proceedings and representation in the proceedings;
  • complex services (e.g., market monitoring, lead generation, test purchases) with international coverage;
  • brand protection (both operational and reactive activities):
  • active preparation of cases in case of infringement and counterfeiting;
  • test purchases, market monitoring, monitoring of trademark use;
  • investigation, lead generation, gathering evidence;
  • initiating and supporting official raids, investigations, providing immediate expert opinion 24/7;
  • international coverage – in addition to Hungary, our cooperating agents operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania;
  • participation in out-of-court dispute resolution, and handling of notifications;
  • advice and representation in case of infringement, counterfeiting;
  • filing and handling ofapplication for actions to customs(for counterfeit products from abroad);
  • in the case of an online infringement, conducting of notice and take down procedures, sending cease and desist letters to terminate infringing activity;
  • full representation and communication with authorities in infringement, criminal and customs proceedings, including operational assistance in official proceedings and the preparation of necessary statements;
  • representation in mediation proceedings related to criminal matters.