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Is it possible to freely customise a car to make it or part of it…

1) Definition of exhaustion of rights This legal concept or doctrine applying to all fields…

Ocean Tomo company has released an interim update to the Annual Study of Intangible Asset Market Value (IAMV) in September 2020[2]. The study examines the components of market value, specifically the role of intangible assets across a range of global indexes, and how COVID-19 has affected that.

The case below provides guidance on the maze of applicable law in the absence of choice according to Hungarian practice

Do you know what legal options you have when it comes to fight against knock-offs in the Hungarian market? Let us navigate through the remedies you can apply.

What is the „starting date” of the continuous five-year period for non-use of a EUTM…

The role and importance of trademarks are also highlighted in the following case: it is…

Residence permit for other purposes Those persons possessing a real estate property may be eligible…

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